Colleen Kerrigan | About
I am a Portrait and Travel Photographer based in Highlands, NC.  I specialize in taking informal portraits - particularly of children - in natural light settings. My goal is to capture special moments - whether it is just one child or a larger family group portrait - that you will cherish for a lifetime. I prefer to try to keep the photoshoots as candid as possible in an effort to capture the true personality of the subject(s).  

When not taking portraits, I am pursuing my second passion, which is Travel. I am sharing some of the images I have captured around the world with you here on this website. Stop by from time to time and see what new images have been posted.

While I am based in the North Carolina mountains, I tend to find myself in many areas of the U.S. and am available for bookings wherever you may be.

Send me a message to check on availability and to set up a consultation.

Member Professional Photographers of America.